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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    IIRC the Yamaha factory supplier problems occurred just a few months ago, in early 2021.

    Definitely messed up and delayed the delivery schedules to the Yamaha dealers.
    The ice storm didn't help in March but they had supply issues before that too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Out-the-door prices are generally not comparable.

    Not only do the sales tax and registration costs vary by location, but often the invoice includes other things. Perhaps a trailer, extended warranty, cover, PFD, other accessories, and so on.

    The only comparable that is somewhat useful would be the line item for the watercraft by itself, without taxes or fees.

    And even then the dealer may ‘adjust’ not only the ski price but also other invoice line items to create a bottom line ‘invoice total’.

    Yamaha factory had a major shut-down for multiple weeks earlier this year. Yamaha dealers were/are under supplied with product and many customers are still waiting for delivery.

    Current market demand seems high, so I am impressed that you found a dealer that was able to deliver a unit.
    This post is 100% on the money. There are way too many variables to compare, based on where you live/country and sales taxes and so on.

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    I’m still waiting (since early December). I live in Atlanta for reference. I’m curious if anyone who hasn’t received their new ski yet is considering canceling their deposit and just waiting for the 2022 GP. I know the thought has crossed my mind. Does anyone have any details on the next year’s model? My dealer said the only changes would probably be color schemes only.

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    Got mine private sale for $15,500 with 10hrs

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    Ordered December 1st. 21GP1800 HO Last week got the canceled delivery notice from the Dealer in So. NH. Not a Happy with Yamaha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by savageman69 View Post
    same here...i feel like yamaha has been disrespectful with this whole thing
    absolutely they only care about the bottom line and the dealers that move the most bikes. $$

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    In mid Jersey our dealer is sold out for the season. My 2019 is in for service and he told me that.

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    How much was your 21 GP1800R SVHO

    I paid 21300 out the door. Wilmington Motorsports in Wilmington SC added 1500 prep and 1500 freight to the ski. They had the last one I could find available. They would not negotiate because they knew they had the last one available. He jacked up the prices on all of there skis that he had left. That also included an aluminum trailer.

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    Mine was 18505.65 otd no nothing extra pick it up Wednesday

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    No GP1800 for me in 2021, Mama Yamahahahaha cancelled that order. They did have another customer fail to finance a FX SVHO and gave me the option to buy it. Was able to get them down a very small amount and wound up with a more expensive ski for the same price. 18700-ish out the door, 6.5% sales tax and 1500 freight, 299 doc.

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