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    What should I do?

    Now that WFO has helped me with a few EFI issues I had, the ski is running and pulling great. I do have a problem though.

    When the ski hits 75 mph the front starts to bounce and gets worse the longer it pulls and if I can hang on long enough at 76 its jumping out of the water enough that I cant ride it anymore and have to let off the throttle. I know there is more speed in it because the longer I can hang on the faster it gets and I have'nt even attemped a superman with it like this.

    I know its doing this since Im running without tabs but I also know people alot faster than me are running without tabs also. The plate is an R&D angled at .950, stepped sponsons, 800 grate (all the way back)

    Should I take out some angle?
    Should I relieve some pump pressure?
    Should I angle the grate?

    I know replacing the tabs will fix it but Im trying to avoid the speed loss.

    Im still pretty happy already since the air temp was 90* and its a non-ported 1300 on its first time out this year without BREAKING anything.

    What should I do???

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    If you insist on not putting the tabs back on, take some angle out of the plate and see what happens. I have ABSOLUTELY NO experience on the no tab set up, but I would start there.

    My real opinion is to put the tabs back on and it would be a better boat for all water conditions.

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    My ski was doing that and I had to put more angle in the rideplate to stop the bouncing .

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    move the grate back up.. thats what i would do

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    If the plate is a stock R&D send it to Jim or Carl for modification, no two ways about it.

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    If you can get rid of the buck,you will go faster! Put your tabs back on,all the way up and tune from there.Gimme a call if you need further help.

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    Thanks for all the help guys. Including the help that was PMed and phoned in. (nothing better than midnight tech support )
    All options will be tried.
    I ride in a few different places, one is as smooth as glass all the time and the others get pretty rough and choppy. So Im actually looking for my top speed setup right now. MOST of the time I run with the tabs and dont have this issue but its also slower. My plan is to take very good measurments and notes of each setup so I can change them quickly depending on where im going and what Im doing. (Im a night person and get bored at 2:00am)

    The plate is heavily modded, I used pay close attention to it and tried alot of things, but I recently got sloppy with it and ignored advise that I was even giving a year ago. Lucky for me I have you guys to keep me in check.

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    Like Hypertoys said sometimes you can add even more angle and the bounce goes away. The hull and the plate are at 2 different angles and fighting for control of the hull. I have gone as high as 1.2 and the bounce goes away.

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