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    Easiest way to buy Amsoil?

    Hey there. I'm getting my '99 XL 1200 ready for the summer and have just replaced the cat with a D plate. While I was at it I removed and cleaned the power valves. I put the Waveeater clips on the afternoon I bought the ski. I could not believe all of the crud in the area of the power valves. The gunk there and the soot in the exhaust tells me it's time to find a cleaner burning oil. I've heard some great things about Amsoil Intruder. I'd like to keep the oil injection system for now and have heard that I can run this oil in an injection system. The question is what's the easiest and cheapest way to buy the stuff? Thanks for any help.

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    I can sign you up as a preferred customer and ship it to your door. You save about 30% off retail. This is the retail price. AMSOIL Interceptor Oil
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    Thanks. Sent PM.

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    PM back

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