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    During the daytime, running even my big baja designs bar on my truck doesn't add significantly more light to the world. The total amount of added light in the area is minimal to the point that it is hard to tell if it is on from the drivers seat.

    Looking into the lights you can tell they are on because the bar is lit up but on the road, glare from reflected sunlight on windshields is comparable at certain angles.

    I am not saying you CAN'T or WON'T be able to see the lights at all, only that based on my experience on the road and water I don't think that the lights will add a significant amount of extra visibility during the daytime when compared to water glare which is way more common than reflections off windshields.

    It is purely conjecture at this point though since we don't know until they hit the water.


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    On a sunny day with clear skies when the sun is reflecting like crazy off the water, youre probably right in that the lights will have minimal impact on vision. On partly sunny and overcast days though, Id think the Ultra will be much easier to spot by other vessels with the lights on board. This also goes for sunrise and sunset cruising, which are some of the best times to ride here

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