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    Yup, my 2021 runs like canned @ss at part throttle. Bucks, hesitates, stalls sometimes. Had a mechanic look at it, he couldn't find anything wrong. It's so bad that next year I'm contemplating trading it for a Yamaha.

    LOL ok there's my answer nevermind..............

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    Another likely lost sale due to the Kawasaki CEO and corporate team still not addressing this significant issue that they definitely must know all about.

    If you can test ride an Ultra 310 and it works well at all throttle and speed conditions, then I think you are fine as this issue seems to be fairly binary; it won't come out of nowhere, it either happens or it doesn't. I got lucky on my 2017 model as I did not test ride, but in no way would I buy a new one now until they acknowledge the problem and deal with it properly.

    The engine and the rest of the machine seems to be reliable outside of this part throttle problem, which makes it all the more ridiculous that spineless corporate yespeople keep looking the other way.

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