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    Ody Batteries - For Everyone

    Just got off the phone with ODY

    the PC925L fits all 4 stroke 03 and up gtx/rxp/rxt i can sell it through my work for $127.69, retail is $139.99 and yes it is about 14 weeks till they have stock.

    the charger you will need is the 6amp model anything else is overkill they say, i can sell for $54.17, retail is $99.99, charger is in stock.
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    why do you need a charger? wont the ski charge the battery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vignesa View Post
    why do you need a charger? wont the ski charge the battery?
    chargers/maintainers(is that a word?) are a neccesity IMO. Since powersports equip (skis, dirtbikes, quads, etc.) sits for extended periods of time and doesn't run on a regular basis, it's a great way to extend the life of any battery.

    I use a Battery Tender for the boat and both our skis. I think Bill O said they'll maintain up to 6-8 batterys. A maintainance "trickle" charger is very different from a larger amp battery charger. Larger amp chargers are for initial charge and recharging dead batteries. Battery Tenders keep a charged battery that way for long time periods.

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    What about an AGM? Can you/should you use the battery tender on one of these dry glass mat batteries?

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