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    a better D-plate?

    I thought I read something a while back about one D-plate being better than another. The pics of the Riva and R&D plates look the same to me.

    I'm looking at getting an XLL/XLT 1200 and D-plate will be one of the first things to do.

    Are they all the same or should I get one over the other?

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    Different size openings.

    The Riva is slightly larger than the R&D.

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    The riva plate has a bigger opening than the R&D. On the 1300 a riva is recomended, On the 1200 Im not sure which is best.

    Looks like Rich beat me to it.

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    Jetworks O-plate

    Here is what I run

    And here is one with a larger hole

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    whats the diff on the hole size? and any gains

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    Billy have you done any back to back on the o-plate? I remember asking about it a long time ago and the general consensus was to stick with the d-plate.

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    what works on one ski may work differently on another ski. You need to test them out all on your ski.

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    I just put an R&D in one of my XLT 1200 and put a Jetworks in the other. It was the silver one. I'll let you all know what difference is made. They are both 2002 with 60 to 65 hours on them. Putting on the waveeater clips next. These are the only thing I have done so far. What else should I do? Thanks


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