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Thread: Selling on ebay

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    Selling on ebay


    Gonna list my ski on ebay... I tried listing on this forum but had little luck... I've only sold one thing on ebay and it was a cell phone... That all went well, but this is a bit more serious..

    Do you guys have any helpful hints/suggestions???


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    make sure to explain it thouroughly and mention anything wrong with it. if it does not come with a warranty then you need to explain that and state "sold as is, where is with no warranty expressed or implied" that would be to save your ass in the future if anything went wrong with it. i would definitely put a reserve on it for your sake. the reserve should be the lowest price your willing to let it go at.

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    and dont fall for any funky schemes:
    example: I will send you a check, you cash it and send me the overage. Many scams on ebay.
    If something sounds wrong , it usually is.

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    You may want to give Craigslist a try first.

    I sold my '97 XP via Craigslist last year and it was a great experience. It was good for the buyer because he could actually see and test ride the ski before purchase and it was good for me because I got paid in cash.

    That's not to say that Craigslist is scam free, it's not. But for larger items that are not easily shipped, I think it's a better option than Ebay.

    Good luck with your sale.

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    for sure put a immediate paypal payment of $100.00, that way if auction ends and they back out,at least you have money to pay for the auction listing

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    yea, craigslist...its easy, local, and FREE....

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    Craiglist is great try them first no online fees.

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    Be as detailed as you can if you go the Ebay route. The more info you can give the better off you will be. Also if you have bought several things off Ebay and have a high 'rating' your chances will improve. I would also put a link in your write up to a web site about the Seadoo. You could find one with a good detailed review or just use one to Seadoo specific to that year model. Also be very detailed in your title. Look at others on there for ideas.
    I sold an HX on there a few months back and had plenty of response and got what I was looking to get out of the ski.
    Definitely put a reserve and deposit requirement on there!

    Good luck!

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