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    Custom PWC + standup trailer on the East Coast?

    I am trying to get a trailer similar to the one in the attached photos that is within reasonable delivery distance of Atlanta.

    Long story short, I have both a 2021 SeaDoo Wake 170 (the GTI hull) full size PWC and a 2019 Yamaha Superjet standup. I do not want a standard double PWC trailers, which are among other things, wider than I need and, since I keep the trailer in my driveway, takes up more space than I would like.

    I have searched extensively and found the firm Shadow Trailers ( that makes custom trailers just as I would like (the pics are from them). It looks very well built and is a perfect trailer for me in that it is a bit narrower and, as they have designed it, can accommodate the PWC and standup on either side.

    The problem is that they are on the West Coast and the shipping cost is about $2k, not to mention they are backed up all the way until July and I need the trailer before the July 4 weekend.

    I am hoping someone might know of trailer manufacturer(s) in the South or East Coast that might have or be able to make a similar trailer. Any suggestions are most appreciated!

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    That is much wider than a Karavan double I had just by looking at those pics.

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    That's not a trailer that I would buy.

    It's made of tubing, not channel, which makes it a very bad design. Tubing will hold water and rust out in a couple of years.

    It has metal fenders that will get bent up if a tire blows, and they will rust. A plastic fender may look 'cheap', but it's replaceable.

    Looks like it has brakes, which might be nice, but probably not needed for the load you're going to carry. In my state, Texas, mandates an annual inspection for trailer that have brakes.

    That spare tire would be quite difficult to get to when the 'Skis are on it.

    That metal storage box is going to rust out, too.

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    You may want to look at getting a hitch hauler and single trailer. Then just carry a beach cart to move them around. It sounds like more space but they pack up really well.


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    Hi Steve and thanks for your thoughtful comments. Good points!

    Ok, so perhaps not that exact design, but I'd still take any suggestions on sourcing a less than full double PWC trailer. The Karavan doubles are 100-104 inches wide. The one is my picture I think is less than 90". I know it's not that big of a difference, but the trailer is competing with the basketball court so I'm trying to find something a bit smaller and given that one of my skis is a tiny Superjet, a full double is overkill.

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    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    I have a hitch hauler for my 225 lb YZ250 dirt bike and I know from experience the tongue weight with that alone is too much for at least one of our vehicles. Plus, we use a boat ramp for both skis. But it is a good idea for those that have the vehicles for it.

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