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    Is this a good craft?

    Hello to you all again,

    I have now sold my MSX 150, until I decide which craft to purchase (my current top choice is the STX15F), I am playing on e bay!.

    Found this little gem - a bit pricy for an old girl but must be a rare find - is this a good model, reading through your posts it seems some were good and some were terrible. Also found a three cylinder SLXH this must be a flyer?.

    JET SKI Polaris SLH 750 UNUSED never been in the water Item number: 290130545935


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    if it was a 1050 or 1200 i would be all intrested in it 2 but its not got alot power but being brand new gots its points up , haggle the bids dont pay the 2500

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    That's a little 700 twin, not a 750. The boat itself is a pretty nice ride and the 95HP is decent for the hull size, it's the location and add that bothers me. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

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    I would'nt pay the £2500 that equates to 4500 of your dollars !!!!, crafts are dearer over here but not by that much, in saying that the SLXH i was bidding on same year but used (Item number: 130124537465) fetched £1650 (3000 dollars).

    Out of interest the kawasaki STX15f is £10,000 new ($18,000) complete with trailer of course!, anyone any idea how much you guys would pay?

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