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    Hard to start cold

    Is this normal for a 2-stroke seadoo? It starts great in warm/hot weather, but when cold I need to use some kind of accelerant, after which is starts quick and runs great.
    I only ask cuz I have a guy coming to look at my 93 today.

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    no, not normal

    using starting fluid is NOT suggested
    if need be you can use a squirt can with a little premix in there to help prime the engine thru the rubber plug in the top of the flame arrestor
    a proper carb rebuild while pricey, eliminates the need for such hackery. You will likely need to have the fuel lines replaced aslo
    primers are another alternative, but since they squirt straight fuel and no oil into he engine for the cold start, not suggested

    of course opinions will vary

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    You might find this thread interesting.

    Hard starting, common carburetor problem - fix the vacuum leaks 108016

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