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    Looking for PTO bolt pitch size - 2006 RXT

    Hey all!
    I broke two bolts on my 06 rxt when removing the pto cover. I tried to extract what was left but it all just powdered - apparently corrosion killed it. Its slightly over 6mm now - and I am looking to drill out and add helicoils as the fix. I need to know the pitch for the bolts in order to get the correct thread. The bolts I am referring to hold the PTO housing onto the engine - these particular bolts where the 6mx85.

    Second choice it to drill it upsized - but then I will have to drill the PTO cover and the block and would like to avoid that.


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    6mm x 1.00

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1tommygunner1927 View Post
    6mm x 1.00
    Yup! That is correct. I ordered it before I could confirm as I found online that if thread size isnt specifically called out, then a typical MM bolt of 6mm is a 1.00.
    I can now confirm thats the case!

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