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    Alternative fogging oil

    Hi, as a topic..
    I'm live in Bali. and here only have 3 winter. so I am very difficult to find storage oil / fogging oil here ..

    maybe you guys have a solution for me? besides fogging oil? Maybe a penetration oil ?

    Thank u

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    No winter? I'm jealous! I'd be riding all year!I wouldn't recommend WD-40 as it tends to dry out and get gummy, although we have a member here that uses it all the time in a supercharged 'Ski.I would probably use a good 2-stroke oil (because it's designed to burn). I would use a petroleum-based oil because it will tend to 'stick' to the internal parts better than a synthetic oil. What kind of 'Ski do you have?NOTE: I just noticed that you have an Ultra 310. I would spray a light oil into the fogging port on the supercharger while running. Let it cool and spray a little light oil into each spark plug hole and spin the crank a couple of times by hand or with the starter (watch for spraying oil!). Replace the spark plugs--be careful of the torque! It's easy to overtighten them. Use anti-seize on the plug threads.

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