This 1994 Seadoo XP was running in storage but was choking in water or even with the water hose. Removed and inspected the twin Mikuni carburetor. Diaphragms were really old and rubber was well stretched and not very flexible. Replaced all diaphragms, o-rings and filters. It started running well, but when i took it to the lake today, it started acting out. At first it pulled and planed very quickly but after about 15-20 seconds it choked and after restart, with throttle lever pushed all the way down, it started strong but after about 3-5 seconds choked. And kept doing it until after 10 minutes i gave up.
When i removed the carburetor, i noticed that linkages to both PT and MAG carbs were loose and nuts on both sides were not tightened. So i tightened them up to the internal nut, but im not sure if this was the right position. Is there a chance that this most likely incorrectly tightened linkage can cause the fuel overflow in the lower bowl and then choking of the engine.
And also how should i tune up the linkage, if it is a problem.
Thank you