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    2001 Kawasaki STI 1100 DI Shop in the Houston area

    Newbie here!

    Took on a couple of projects last fall. A 2005 SeaDoo RXT with a blown engine and a '01 Kawasaki STI 1100 DI that is in limp mode. Not too concerned with the SeaDoo as there appears to be a lot of local folks that still work on them.

    After calling around this afternoon with little luck, I thought I would reach out to the team here and see if anyone knows a shop or individual that is handy with these older models. the STI's "Brain" is reported to be good as the PO gave me the receipt and inspection report from when he had sent it out a month before I took it off his hands. Out of the blue, it went into limp mode. He became frustrated after dumping roughly $1,500 in it. He gave me all his documentation and it looks like they gave it a good once-over inspection in an attempt to find the issue. No luck though.

    I've noticed some small stuff such as the fuel filter has been removed and the fuel lines are re-plumbed to accommodate the filter deletion; not sure if that would cause the reduced power mode though.

    I'm not going to mess with it too much and would rather hire someone with far more expertise than I possess. Does any of you have any recommendations?

    WFO, Hot Heads and Mancuso won't touch it and Thompson appears to be out of business.


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    welcome aboard GH

    Limp mode is almost always caused by an emm problem

    before we get into lots and lots of specifics, as you won't find many shops at all that want to take that ski on, who did the PO send the emm out to?

    The fact that the fuel filter was removed is telling me that some shade tree hack was working on that ski, and that's one ski where shade tree won't cut it.

    Now for some basics...

    hours showing on the clock

    getting a check engine light?

    Confirm the exact designation of the spark plugs in your ski. That really matters. "Substitutes don't work"

    Confirm engine compression. Be aware that you need to ground the spark plugs for the compression test. The ignition system on that ski could literally stop your heart if you take a full power jolt.

    you'll find lots of interesting reading on k447 polaris pages (link in my sig)

    now before you think I'm old AND senile ( yeah, ok I'm old) Polaris fuel injection is the same brand as kawasakis, so most if not all of the troubleshooting tips apply

    Our resident EMM expert will be along to throw some other questions at you, but for the moment the main question is:

    who told the PO that the emm was good?

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