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    Oil Change help!

    Good day everyone. I have a 2010 VX Cruiser. The service manual says to run the engine for 10 mins if its below a certain temp.
    with the water hose hooked up of course.
    My questions is do i really need to? Can i just suck it out with the engine cold? my thinking is the oil is only getting half warmed up at 10 mins and i creates condensation in the oil for winter storage.

    Just curious what you guys do?

    Thank you!

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    welcome aboard GH

    its always best practice to follow the service manuals advice

    Trying to pump cold oil out often takes far longer but on the yamaha vx engine you MUST run the engine to get all the oil out of the sump and up into the oil tank so it can be pumped out

    and by the way, you'll only get 2.5 -3 qts out, so make sure you put in the same amount you pumped out, or you'll learn something else about yamahas real quick

    Overfilling the engine with oil, which is a really common mistake will result in your air filter becoming staurated with blow by oil and those puppies cost upwards of $75

    its not suggested to run without it.

    so..follow the service manual, carefully.

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    Even in colder weather, like 50's for winterization, The engine will build enough heat to thin the oil in 5 minutes at idle. Start it up, hit the stopwatch, turn on the water but only enough to make flow. You WANT to feel a bit of heated water coming out. 4-5 minutes, ready to change the oil.

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    Don't forget, NEVER run the water unless the engine is running! Start the engine, THEN turn on the water. Turn off the water, THEN shut off the engine.Allowing water to run when the engine isn't running can get water in the cylinders and cause major engine damage.

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