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    Fzs 2013 bucked and threw me off at max speed

    Hi, has anyone had problem with fzs bucking at max speed. My steering hit a hard right and I was thrown off to the left, hit my head first to the water. And got me self a good concussion out of it.

    The skis been looked over nothing to fault but it’s got to be something on the ski that needs to be changed. A ski shouldn’t just throw you off.

    Skis done about 4 times when I hold the throttle, flat water, no sandbar, nothing in sight.

    Any suggestions? My ski is standard stock.

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    29 Seems that an aftermarket intake grate is what you want. Sorry you are having this issue and hope you have a speedy recovery from the concussion.

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    Are you sure you are not letting off the gas? A immediate chop of the throttle will throw you over if not ready for it

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    Known issue on the 09-13 fz, aftermarket intake grate will solve the issue

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    Topic has been discussed thoroughly, new grate and you'll be fine.

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