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    Tearing down GTX LTD 215 engine questions

    Lurker here for a while. Tons of knowledge here. Picked up a 2015 GTX LTD 215 from a friend that the SC failed on. Appears it was just a bearing and it has the usual metallic dust all through the intake tube to the motor. Getting ready to pull the motor and tear it down and see what it needs. Looking for advice on what the norm is for a SC dusting (at a minimum) the motor. All new bearings? Oil pumps? I am hoping the sieves caught any big chunks that may have made their way into the motor. The dealer already pulled the motor and then sat it back in the hull so the pump is off and the driveshaft is out. They told him $8000 for a new motor. He laughed and walked away. Planning on a new SC to take it to near 260 HP and probably a different IC. 42lb injectors should already be in there. I'll pick up the usual cam/crank tools along with the alignment tool. Anything "special" besides the tools I mentioned? I did read the 4TEC thread about tips and tricks already. I appreciate the advice.

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    Not sure about bearing failure but I had the ceramic washer fail on mine. All I needed was to replace both oil pumps and flush the debris out of the pan. The bearings all looked fine. I did replace the timing chain while I was in there.

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    I wouldn't be too concerned with dust from the wheel touch down. What you need to do is take the charger apart and make sure you account for all the bearing balls. If any are missing you have to find them, especially if its the clutch side bearing which would dump things behind the PTO.

    If its the clutch side bearing that failed and something dropped into the motor you probably also want to replace the timing chain just in case the chain got nicked by anything.

    If its the wheel side bearing that failed nothing should have gone into the motor so I wouldn't do anything other than get a new charger. Still double check the bearing balls, must account for all.

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    I appreciate the responses. Tore into the SC last night. Torx were semi-loose so I suspect the dealer was into it already. The ball bearings on the wheel side were all there. The bearings on the engine side were all gone. I suspect the dealer took it apart and obviously didn't put the loose, bad balls back in lol. See the carnage below.
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