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    Which is better. Riva or Fizzle intercooler

    Doing a stage 3 on a 2021 Seadoo RXTX 300. Which intercooler is better. Fizzle or Riva and why?

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    fizzle. Better build quality, my riva started leaking within hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piper250 View Post
    Doing a stage 3 on a 2021 Seadoo RXTX 300. Which intercooler is better. Fizzle or Riva and why?
    The stock one is perfectly fine for anything up to I'd say a turbo powered ski. It's well engineered and the materials used are designed for corrosive environments. See doo got their ass handed to them replacing IC's back before 2016 thus a lot of the bad blood. But I've had or known others that have lost fizzles, rivas and pick your poison. If you keep you ski long enough you should consider that a wear and tear item. You'll get no noticeable performance increase going to a different IC at a stage 3. If your new to modding these skis I'd start with Flash and an intake and then decide how much reliability vs performance you are looking for.

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    My fizzle started leaking after 80 hrs on a 300.

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