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... don't let NOT owning a BatteryMinder take-away from incorporating a decent tender ... the BT-800 is a descent tender for the money ... even with it's fixed float voltage, it's not going to short-change an AGM ... no where near the harm of not using a tender at all.

... BT-800 has a fixed 13.4V float, aka ideal float for 70-80F, thus likely the largest market to target.
I like the Battery Tender products overall. I do find that the less expensive Battery Tender models tend to omit features that can diminish the care the battery actually receives.

I suppose my point was that many people equate a green light on their charger as meaning their particular battery is fuly charged. Which it is not - the indicator simply means the charger has stopped trying to push more charge. Whatever level of charge the battery has or does not have, the green light does not really say.

If the installed battery type is closely compatible with the voltage target of the specific charger then the battery will probably be close to fully charged. Which I suspect (but I did not actually look it up) is what the 70-80F temp range matches for a lead-acid battery.

For an AGM battery the battery will simply float at some mid-level charge level with the 14.4 fixed charge voltage.