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    water causing crank damage?

    A local jetski mechanic told me he thinks my crankshaft is damaged from water in a cylinder.
    The ski sank while beached without a plug and someone tried to start it up with the engine compartment full of water. The starter gave it a pretty good try, but the engine didn't start. Thats when the seat came off and the water was discovered up to the cylinder heads.
    After using a pump to get the water out, it started up and was run to the ramp (ran poorly). Dried out for a week and it started up no prob but now has no power (will just get up on plane).
    Is this a legit diagnosis (he hasn't taken the engine out yet)?
    He looked for a local machine shop that could fix the crank but was unsuccessful. He told me $1400 to get another crank and $400 in labor.
    Anyone know where I can get a crank cheaper?
    I'm planning on selling this ski as soon as I get it running again.

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    welcome to the forums.

    What happened to you is something called hydrolock. It happens when you try and run a ski that has ingested water. As the pistons rise, and there is water inside the engine, the water has no where to go. Water doesn't compress. So something has to give, and it's usually the crankshaft, rod, and/or piston.

    Your mechanic is just charging shop prices. Sounds high, but legit. No great surprise, but you can AND SHOULD do it yourself for a whole lot cheaper if you have mechanical ability, and a decent metric toolbox. If not, maybe it's time you do get one.

    There are a ton of great Polairis folks on here that can help you out.

    Crank prices run from about $500-800. Lots of hidden cost, but no where near what you will pay a reputable mechanic.

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    BLM, I'd also like to say WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums.

    I agree, crank index is done!
    I'd check prices with
    Sharp's Marine
    Randy at Watcon
    Crank Works and maybe even some

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLM View Post
    He told me $1400 to get another crank and $400 in labor.
    Anyone know where I can get a crank cheaper?
    I note that your profile says you own an MSX 140. Sharps Marine repair in Oswego, NY have BRAND NEW IN THE BOX, factory MSX cranks for $750.00 outright, and $650.00 with a good core. Their contact info is in my signature and they will not be undersold on NEW cranks. Give them a call.


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    650 is a great price on new genuine polaris parts there not rebuilds .

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