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    2021 RXT X 300, cooling hose clamps fixed???

    I came back to the Sea Doo family with a brand new RXT X 300. I took a 6 year break with a Kawasaki Ultra 310. My last sea doo experience was with a 2011 rxt x, complete crap. Starting with the intercooler, down hill after that.
    So I've been hearing a lot of issues with the cooling hose clamps coming off. Starting with the 2018 models, my friends 2019 over heated for the same reason. I was thinking Sea doo would get their act together in 2020, but my dealer said that year also have issues. Any chance Sea doo woke up and put a different hose clamp on the 2021s? Sounds like a ridiculous thing not to take care of from the manufacturer. Which clamps are too big, may replace them myself.
    I'm getting flashbacks from my 2011 model.
    Anything else I should be concerned about?

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    I think the issue was the clamps were not installed correctly, either too loose or in the wrong spot on the fittings so they would pop off.

    Probably a good practice to go over all the hose clamps in the ski no matter the brand when picking up a machine.

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    oil cooler hose popped off my 2021 GTX 300 - removed air intake and replaced both - I believe the oetiker clamp was one size too large and it was clamped away from the bulge of the fitting.

    Other than that - zero issues. Ride on.

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    Ugh, thanks I didn't even think about the oil cooler. I think I need a list of all the hose clamps.

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    I did a once over on my 2021 RXTX and didn't find anything anything loose.

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