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    introduction and question

    Hi to all , iv been lurking for months but im not here to stay

    just picked up a 95 sl750 with a bad crank/jug. i believe that a lower rod bearing/crank twist , destroyed the piston. (piston missing when purchaced)

    whats the cheapest way to get this going again? now i do understand the things required to keep it running when rebuilt :

    3 outlet fuel pump
    all new fuel lines, including tank
    possible oil injection delete
    piston wash checks (pto missing , cen perfect , mag little lean)
    fuel selector switch new or delete
    thermostate pop off vave , new
    remove fuel cut off valve
    clean clean clean

    Would it be cheaper to drop an engine into her, or rebuild? is there a mill that will drop in bolt up and run other then the 750 (possibly 650 )

    sorry for all the questions , and again hello to all.


    ps will have pictures of progress tomorrow, old lady has camera tonight

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    hedge, seems like you have a nice grip on things. If you don't mind spending some time to learn and build your engine that would be a nice route.

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    Welcome Hedge. You can buy an Ebay engine, but you don't know what you're getting. And a 650 750 or 780 will drop right in with a few easy mods.

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    best place to buy a cheap crank /piston/jug / gaskets?

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    Ebay, Ebay, and Ebay. Gaskets come with a piston kit, so you need a cyl and a crank.

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