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Thread: P0461 error

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    P0461 error

    I have a seadoo 2003 4-tec sc and have a p0461 (fuel level sensor circuit out of range) error and goes into limp mode. Gas cap looks to be cracked, so Iím ordering a new one. I havenít noticed any wires roughed up, so I decided to disassemble and check the flow sensor(float device). Taking an ohm meter to the leads and moving the float, I get 4 and 90 (assume this is good). The filter at the bottom of this is really bad, so I am replacing (doubt itís ever been replaced). Should this thing be opened up and the inside filter be replaced? Should the fuel pump be replaced if I have it to this point? What ohms should a fuel pump read? Are there any other ideas of what should be checked?


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    Welcome aboard GH!

    The search feature is handy when you have an error code.

    in this case the news isn't great as a replacement mpem is indicated on your model year

    on the other hand replacing the fuel sock is an engine saver, so there's that

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