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    1994 Seadoo XP chokes on water

    I was testing this Seadoo with the water hose . Without the water , it was starting and running well. However when I turned on the water, after it started it choked after 4 or 5 seconds of running. After that i was able to start it without water once, but it run on very low RPMs, about 1500-2000 on the full throttle and after i shut it down, never was able to restart. It was cranking and then one or two couphs and starter stop, again and again. Could it be a water leak in some exhaust gaskets or in head gasket? Or should i look elsewhere? Thank you

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    You may be using too much water pressure. Too much can flow backwards through the exhaust and back into the cylinders (at least this can happen on a Kawasaki, I'm guessing that the SeaDoo works in a similar manner).

    You are turning on the water AFTER you start the engine, right? NEVER run the water when the engine isn't running!

    If you did run the water without the engine running, you may have water in the engine now. If so, you MUST get the water out immediately!!! Remove the spark plugs, ground the wires, and spin the engine with the starter. Clean the spark plugs, put them in and start the engine. You MUST run the engine on the hose for several minutes to get the moisture out of the engine.

    It only takes a day for rust to start forming on the crankshaft bearings, destroying them. Do it NOW!
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    I did check for the water in the cylinders immediately. Removed the spark plugs and cranked it. No visible water on the spark plugs or coming from the spark plug holes. I had similar problem when i got this jetski to the lake to test. It started in the water but then died quickly and i was not able to start it for a while. Back in the storage it started again later.

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    If you check the exhaust hose from the muffler/waterbox it may be blistered on the inside.
    This happened to me in the past....

    Good luck.

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    Will check it. There was no water coming from the exhaust when i turned the water on, so my first suspect was blocked exhaust water lines.

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    If it isnt too much to ask, pull the manual out and check all of your connections end to end and attempt to find where the water may be stopped up. Bad lines can cause this, for one, so id agree that blistering or pinched old line may be causing your issue. If its called for, it might not hurt to replace your water lines.

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