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    2017 260S (suspension ski) Reduced Top Speed

    It has been windy here every time I go to ride so top speed runs are impossible to do. However, yesterday it was less windy and I found a spot to give it the onions. I was shocked to only reach 45 MPH, when normally it will get just short of 60! I do not bend down or run low fuel, no superman for me. I seem to believe that the RPM was also down, and when I tried a launch from idle speed, it lacked the punch it normally has. The ski has 55 hours on it and ran fine last season. I looked at the plugs and they look perfect, it does not miss at idle and the fuel is fresh 93 octane. I would guess that one of the supercharger hoses came off as it has been incredibly rough here the other times I took it out for exercise. I cannot see anything due to the fact that it is a suspension ski and the engine is covered by an interior cover so the only access you have is to the oil filter and the spark plugs.

    There are NO Codes or messages on the dash. I will get it on a trailer at the end of the month and take it to the stealer as I cannot "separate" the riding hull from the under hull myself. Suggestions as to what may have happened?

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    salt or fresh water riding?

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    Most likely Supercharger hose popped off or the clutch has slipped on the supercharger.

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    salt/brackish water mostly, in spring the river is almost totally fresh water.

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    Well supercharger hose has not popped off, I spent three hours getting all the inner covers off to be able to look / grab all the hoses from the discharge of the supercharger to the intercooler, from the intercooler to the intake manifold. All hoses tight nothing loose.

    Does this year supercharger use ceramic clutch disks like my 04 did? When it is idling, there are NO bad NOISES coming from the back of the engine. Very smooth running. In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess I will have to pull the supercharger now. Wonder how many special tools I am going to need?

    Really need to know if SeaDoo still uses the "Ceramic, engine destroying clutch disks"? Anyone know?
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    No your SC does not have ceramic disc’s, they stopped that around 2008.

    Check IC for water leaks into intake manifold. Run the ski on the hose with the IC to TB hose disconnected, there should be no water present.

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    Learner key?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpt7779 View Post
    No your SC does not have ceramic disc’s, they stopped that around 2008.

    Check IC for water leaks into intake manifold. Run the ski on the hose with the IC to TB hose disconnected, there should be no water present.
    Will do this intercooler test when I reassemble. I would think that if it were leaking that the engine would not like getting the water and would missfire, especially at idle speed. This thing runs smooth as hell at idle speeds in the canals.

    I purchased a proper torque wrench and verified the clutches do not slip until 11.65 Nm, the acceptable range is 8 to 12 Nm.
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    "Learning Key"

    Interesting proposition,
    I recall using it once just to test it and as soon as it was connected and the system booted it clearly displayed "Learning Key" utilized or something like that, I do not believe that is the issue.

    I use a battery isolator switch on the ground lead coming from the battery.

    When I am not riding the ski and it sits on the lift, I switch the battery off to keep the parasitic loads from draining the battery too quickly. When I switch the battery on it takes me a few minutes to close up the rear compartment, get on the ski and hit the start/stop button. The electronics power up just as they are supposed to when you hit the button, but if you connect the lanyard first, with the lanyard on the post, nothing happens, the ski does not wake up unless you hit the button and then it starts almost instantly.

    So the make this long story short, turn on the battery, put the lanyard on, nothing powers up.

    Most ski's power up the moment the lanyard is on the post and give the signaling three "Beeps".

    On mine, you get the three beeps if you first hit the start button, and then put the lanyard on quickly then it will three beep forever, until you crank it.

    This is the only unusual thing on my ski, it has had the battery switch since day one and for all 50 of the previous hours would always be able to blast out of the hole and get to 8000 or so. (since breakin).

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    UPDATE Kosh nailed the answer. I absolutely cannot believe I missed this simple thing!!!! What a DA I am.!!! Sorry for all the grief on here.

    It was the learning Key, it has a green float and says "learning key" in very fine print, I wear glasses except when on the ski and did not notice the small print. I must have also missed the scrolling message on the message center as well. Also the normal key float is black. I should have known.

    Oh well,

    At least I know that nothing is wrong with the ski except the P Code I caused when I tested the intercooler for water leaks, the sensor was not oriented properly on the tops valve so it threw a P1505 code.

    Question is, I fixed the sensor position and wiring, but how do I get rid of the Fault Code Now?

    I know, got to update my Can-Doo Pro with this VIN number.
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