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    GPR SHO with 2015 Yamaha FX SHO

    Iíve been planning a GPR SHO build for a while and now Iím finally getting at the pieces together.
    Iíve got a line in a wrecked 2015 FX SHO but it has yamahaís ride controls. Anyone know what hurdles Iíd face with that control module and if I can delete the reverse lever or hell even make it work??!

    thanks in advance!

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    The easiest way is to mount the box and lever somewhere inside the hull and just not use it.
    I have never tried to trick the ecu or delete the ride unit but I cant see it being easy.
    As you hit the start button on a model equipped with ride the bucket will move into a neutral position and if it cannot do that you will get an alarm and fault code.
    I'm not certain but I doubt there will be room inside a gpr to fit the ride unit to the inside of the tunnel and actually use it to function correctly.

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    Thanks for everyone’s messages about this. Turns out I fell ass end into a 2012 FZS I’ll be using for the build. I’ve found lots of help on this forum but was wondering if anyone out there with experience in this area would be willing to talk and answer some questions I may have along the way I would appreciate it.

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