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    2016 VX cruiser TR-1 freeze, likely problem?

    Hi, I have a new to me 2016 VX cruiser, on the the trailer I started it a few times dry to get any water out, then last week we had several days of really cold weather here in Texas.

    Afterwards, I checked it and see a good amount of oil in the bilge (pint? maybe less?) . Oil dipstick still says shows full (almost to the top line).

    Would appreciate any thoughts on what likely happened. Hoping I'm not too screwed, but expecting the worst.

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    Not sure if you've mistyped the year of the engine model, but TR1s (3-cyl 1050cc) came out in 2016. Therefore, if the year is correct, that craft will have a MR1 4-cyl.

    Best-case scenario, MR1s are notorious for spitting oil into the air-breather/filer, and that can then leak into the bilge. This is usually when the owner mistakenly adds too-much oil, and that is easy to do if one does not understand the dipstick only checks the external reservoir and not the oil in the engine.

    Worst-case scenario, MR1's are known for throwing rods through the crank cases.

    Then there's is another unique issue regarding the MR1 platform ... it's been since "cloned" copied, etc.... That's right, there are and can be inferior non-Yamaha MR1 clones and re-mans in the wild which are terribly unreliable, and often utilized by flippers wanting it to run long enough for a quick sale. Sad - I know.

    The engine is completely self-draining via gravity, so even if some residual coolant water were left behind, it is rarely enough volume to risk an expansion-crack to the cases/head.
    Best thing to do is stop speculating. Check the air filter. Check that all cylinders are presenting compression. Check for genuine Yamaha engine plates. Inspection mirror, look for potential fragments in the hull bottom.

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    Mistyped the year, it's a 2016, guess I needed to wake up. Thanks for the reply.

    Sounds like I better get started checking the obvious.

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    Okay, not a 2009 VX ... no worries. Disregard ALL of my above post as it does not apply to your craft.
    Well, all but the part about compression checks - that never hurts.

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    Yes, it is self draining. My skis and my boat endured the same frigid, "Texartica" weather. Thankfully I and my next door neighbor decided to drain the water out of our inboard boat engines. We got lucky because who knew that we were going to lose electric power when the temperature was 9 degrees F?

    Most people had heat lamps providing heat to keep their inboard engines from freezing. Works great as long as the electric power is working. My buddy one street over from me has a cracked boat engine. Water all in his bilge from the block. His boat is on a lift so no water leaked in. I apologize for going off on a tangent.

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