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    Panama City/Sandestin Riding

    We are coming down March 13-20th. Last year we road around the bay in Sandestin and had some fun. This year we plan on riding a lot more and exploring further. I looked up some stuff close to Panama but would like to go the other direction to towards Pensacola as well. Figured we could put in somewhere there and ride around. We would love to shell hunt, explore an islands, pull up to get lunch, take in scenery, see dolphins. You get my point. 4 kids and the wife will be with me. What do you guys suggest? We are pretty open to ideas and really want to take advantage of the time we are there. Don't mind driving by land a bit to get to some good spots. All help is appreciated. Thanks-Mike

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    In PCB, you can launch St Andrews park (pricy parking but nice), or a lot of local ramps back in lower grand lagoon. The back side of shell island is good, and the front side is nice if surf is calm as well. A lot will hang out a few miles east of the inlet on the back side of the island. Right in the pass going out on the left is a sandy area a lot hang out on as well. Heading back in Upper Grand lagoon/St Andrews Bay starts to get pretty industrial, and less to see. Not a lot of ride up spots for food either. Then you will come to "The ditch" the intercoastal man made cut through to Chactawhatchee Bay. Long run boring and not anything to see really. done it once by boat just to saw we did it/ seen that connection.

    If you trailer over to Destin, you get a lot more by water things and destinations. Joes buoy has a nice ramp, and is a good location in Destin. You then can easily get to Crab island, Destin Harbor, Destin pass, the white sandy beach's on the right after the bridge is nice as well. Multiple places to eat in detin harbor but by ski little trickery as dockage is limited. and only a few have beach behind them to beach on. But in summer Crab island has some floating burger spots ect. Also can easily run across the bay to Fort Walton, The Gulf is right at the bridge has beach parking for lunch as well. past fort Walton gives you a lot of nice hidden areas of sandy islands to check out and hop around on in the Santa Rosa Sound.

    My personal experience a lot better riding/water things in Destin Fort Walton then PCB. I grew up going to PCB, and as an adult have a lot of boating out of Fort Walton / Destin. so just depends on if you want to make the drive.

    If your down for a longer day, running the Santa Rosa sound to Navarre, and hit up Juana's for lunch is always awesome. that's about 1/2 between Fort Walton and Pensacola.

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    Check out this ride. Also, Billy's site has more rides for that area.

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    Good info,looking forward to riding at PCB as soon as we get some warmer weather

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