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    2018 FXHO Impeller upgrade, which to choose?

    I am leaning toward changing the impeller, and also having the ride plate cut. Can someone help with a model number, was thinking solas. Would like to get better initial hookup. I have looked online and not sure of a part number. The ski is completely stock.


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    How to choose a new impeller

    On my 2018 FXHO. Everything else is stock. Thinking is it may help with a vibrating cavitation issue on initial hookup.

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    Have you inspected the impeller? If you do need a new one you can send it to Impros Impellers to be repaired or replace it with a new stock impellor. No aftermarket impellers for stock applications, you need a tune.

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    I have a 2017 FX HO and just ordered a stock replacement, then i will send this one out to have repaired and keep it as a backup.

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    Impros can make/bend all blades the same and check the O.D. this will true-up your prop . may make it smoother. I have sent many props to them and they always come back better than new.

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