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    cheap engine hoist?

    What do you guys think about using this to pull the engine(1200pv) out of a ski?

    I assume I'd only have to use it twice. Once to take the old engine out and once to put the new one in.

    I don't really want to have to buy a chain hoist if I don't have to. Not to mention it's only $6.99!

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    I would get a chain hoist myself (also cheap at harbor freight) not worth the chance to damage your ski...

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    Yeah, the chain hoist is only $50. My problem is space to store something I won't use much...

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    Two 2x4s
    one neighbour
    and a couple pieces of rope

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    don't get that one! one slip and the eggine will crash back to the ground. If space is that much of an issue, look for local rental places. They usually rent engine hoists for pretty cheap.

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    I used a large rope ,one complete wrap around my very sturdy car port,
    friend and I were able to hoist very easy......the chain hoist is safer ,thats what I use when I need to load a v-8 . The come along you have in the picture is chiep and would probably work but come-alongs are kind of flimsy to use and you have to be very carefull letting the engine down with the come what r33 suggested and get a harbor freight chain hoist...we have one at our shop and it works great and is safe. You dont want to drop your engine on your big toe.

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    tractor supply has cheap engine hoists. i got a 2 ton for 180 i think... plus u could use it for something after the motors fixing it later haha

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    cheap hoist

    Wanna talk about cheap engine host. I took the wench off my trailer and mounted it to a post in my basement shop and looped it over a heavy bar i had mounted overhead for the kids to do pull ups on. I moved the motor underneath it and wenched it straight up no problems. Worked like it was designed for it. I was leary and checked everything out first but when I saw the wench was rated to 1400 lbs I figured it was worth a try.

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    Me and my brother dropped mine in by hand last sat! He stood in the footwell area with his ass on the handle bars and i picked the engine up and walked over to him .. He grabbed one end and i had the other! If you do it this way i'd take the wheels off the trailer to make it lower to the ground it worked well for me

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    I was at harbor freight the other day and saw the hoist in my first post... NO WAY would I trust that thing with anything over about 25lbs.

    BTW, their chain hoists are on sale this week!

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