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    EFI guys i really need some help.

    Guys I keep having problems with the harness on my ski both of them. Every time I go ridding I get a code and the damn thing shuts off.
    I done every thing from changing the harnesses and the efi controller. no matter where I put it it gets wet and leaves me stranded. please help Ive spent sooooooo much cash to fix this thing up and Im about to throw in the towel...sell it. its not fun anymore

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    mike where are you located? get some die-electric grease and coat everything you can to prevent water intrusion,. but it seems like something else is going on. can u give more info???

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    Im in miami and I have stock in dialectric grease I allways get a 15 code or a 66 I take the conectors out and reconnect the factory ones back in. Sometimes it fixes the problem an somtimes it doesent then I shoot some wd40 in there to clear up the water and it works ok for another 1hr or so.

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    I dont get i have a new harness new engine temp sensor new air temp sensor. every time i get some water my ride turns to crap. ive put every type of grease in those connectors ive put the harness tuck away to keep water out f ideas and$

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    pm me your number and i'll call u tomorrow

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    PM Chewster.. He had a similar problem, dealer found it, was in the connecter where EFI controller splices in factory harness, but the problem was in the factory harness im pretty sure..

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