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Thread: HELP!!!

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    OK so I have an 06 gp1300r...... This past weekend I installed a dplate, jet works, fdrop nozzle, intake grate, and new bars. I was hoping the dplate and the jet works kit would help this problem but it didnt. The ski runs great, top speed great and everything.... BUT.... If from a stand still or anywhere in the low rpm range, you peg the throttle it bogs out real bad then picks up..... I race, and this is killing my holeshot. I havent been able to figure it out??? The ski only has 50 hours and I havent had one problem with it. Also after installing the plate, Im getting a VERY loud backfire.... Is this normal???

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    Not normal at all. Please list all your mods so we can havbe a better idea.

    WFO should know what it is but my guess would be a TPS sensor, or one of those thingys I don't have.

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    Welcome to the forum !

    Like Duke said, please list the mods.

    Also, when did this start happening ?
    Are there any lights going off in the cluster ?
    What about this backfire thing ?

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    These are my mods.......

    1) Aquavein Intake Grate
    2) D- Plate and cat removal sensor chip(still beeps though even with chip)
    3) Jet Works Pro Series Flow kit
    4) Drop Nozzle Kit

    It has done the bogging thing ever since I got it, but I was told its normal for EFI engines. The dplate and jet works kit were just installed this past wekkend and thats when the backfire began. With the sensor ship plugged in the engine overheat light comes on, so I took it out and put the regular sensor back in and it stopped the beeps. It doesnt seem to be overheating though, just thinks it is.

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    Prior to all mods, your ski was bogging? Is it still under warranty? That is not normal.

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    t has done the bogging thing ever since I got it, but I was told its normal for EFI engines.
    You've been lied to.

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    I am still within my year warranty, but I'm sure the mods have voided my warranty right???

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    D-Plate won't void the warrenty. Intake grate won't have anything to do with motor problems if there are any. If you had to take it in you could always remove the jetworks.


    On the 2005+ motors you don't need the chip or clip or whatever. The ecu doesn't like it and it won't beep at you for being undone.

    What brand d-plate? I had my ski back fire on me when I first opened up the d-plate a little. Hadn't happened before that but it was only once right after I turned it on. Oh and I didn't have my EFI controller on the ski either when this happened. I put the EFI controller back and I didn't have the problem. I also had a riva race intake at the time.

    It should be slow out of the hole stock but not bogging. I would check your pump and impeller for damage. I would also make sure the plugs are gapped correctly. I put in a fresh set up plugs once and assumed they had the right gap and I had problems running correctly out of the hole and through out the RPM band.

    If you check those and your good maybe it is the pump shoe and intake grate. Buy a pump plug kit and make sure the shoe is up in the hole good.

    Thats all I can think of. Maybe others have good ideas.

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    When you say it's bogging, does the engine rev high and you're not moving or is the engine lugging? Regardless, an EFI would be a good investment. Your ski need more fuel, and running lean could be the cause of the backfire.

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    free flow or sound suppression

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