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    Laminate Registration in MI?

    Hey guys quick question.... I called the SOS and they told me they have seen people get in trouble for it but they can't find anywhere its illegal... Is it ok for me to laminate my registration after I sign it?


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    don't see why not.... i am still orcking the temp paper reg for my boat but after that, i keep my stuff in a pelican case

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    Zip lock bag. Cheap and legal. Sorry, don't know about laminent.

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    I also have mine in a Zip Lock bag. Seems to work great.

    Don't know if you can laminate it. I don't see why not after you sign it though...


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    i dont see why not....dont forget to sign it first!!! I keep mine in a small pelican along with my cell phone.

    How did you ever make out with the guy you bought your ski from??

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