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    Removing Driveshaft help PLEASE!!

    Need to remove my driveshaft on my rxp. Something is going on with the seal in the back and I am taking on water when I ride. I have the pump out now and I am wondering if the shaft just pulls out.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    No, it does'nt pull out, you must slide the collar up that holds your carbon boot in place to pop off the C-clip that sits under it and then it will slide out.

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    put your pump back on with a wad if tape in the spline area of the impeller that will hold your shaft you don't need to torque the bolts down hard just enough to stop the shaft from moving. then you can pry gently on the collar sometimes spinning the collar a little frees it up enough to expose the clip. pop the clip and remove the pump all should slide out.

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    Better yet---the rear clamp on your seal--loosen the clamp--slide the accordian seal forward towards the front of the boat--install a three eights inch wide tie strap on the shaft --move the seal back to contact the tie strap--tighten hose clamp--leak stopped. You do not have to pull pump or shaft. Nifty easy fix--will last over 100 hours. Good luck.

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