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    Limp Mode H2O Temp Sensor Polaris MSX 140

    Like mentioned in an ealier thread, I also have 2 Polaris 2003 MSX 140's and 1 has had problems going into limp mode. It turned out to be the water temp sensor. It was replaced under warranty and everything was fine. Now the other one has started doing the same thing.

    I found the water temp sensor on-line but cannot find where it goes on the engine. Does anyone know where it is?

    Sounds like this sensor might be a pretty common problem

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    Check here and you get a 10% discount if you mention Greenhulk talk to Tony in parts or Jay for Tech stuff.

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    It mounts to the exhaust. Look for parts 1-7, I don't remember if they are on the pipe or exhaust manifold.

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