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    Question Pull motor to change stator????

    Do I need to pull the motor to change the stator on a 96 700 SLT?
    Before I do that i need to find out if there should not be continuity between brown wire and grey wire or any other wire on the previously installed upgrade kit?? I only have 1 hour on this rebuilt engine, before becoming hard to start. Hull was quite full of water, rebuilder either forgot to tighten bolts on exhaust manifold of one cylinder or bolts vibrated loose. After fixing that problem I have no spark. Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

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    waub, you DON'T have to remove the engine. You will however need a very strong short puller like Randy sells.
    Have you split the electrical box and checked it for water?
    Have you gone to the tech section and found the directions to actually test the stator?
    What were the results you got?

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    Yes, electical box was dry,
    tested stator with a 9-volt the results are:
    pur = 5.6 ohm
    green = open constant when turning flywheel
    red = open constant when turning flywheel
    grey =1084m ohms
    do you think it possible that one of the connectors at the stator was not connected properly during rebuild?

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