I have owned a 2012 VXR since 2014, put about 100 trouble free hours on it. Perfect power such that I can go into a hard turn at full throttle and almost fly off. A supercharged unit I would fly off, lol. Kinda like a YZ125 is funner than a YZ250 since the YZ250 is too much bike for me. I needed another sled for my 14 year old so I picked up a used 2016 FXHO. 24 hours on engine. First time out was rough it wouldn't idle barely got back to ramp after 3 minute ride. I swapped spark plugs and it ran as it should have. It was a bit slower than the VXR but not enough to worry about, it was much quieter and smoother.

VXR - Likes
Painfully simple machine - not much can break
zero reliability issues
Fantasic on smooth water

little to no storage
A$$ beating ride - I mean it will wear you out
Dash is a bore

FXHO likes
RIDE Control - What a dream, brake, reverse, neutral a must have
tons of storage
tilt steering wheel and great dash display
cruise control
much smoother ride
may just been a different ski but seamed to turn sharper

Previous owner - way to rough with ski. Scrathes on rub well, couple nicks in haul, blisters in footwell. my vxr has 2 marks after 100 hours. lol. I got a great price so I knew what i was buying...
Good power but wish it had as much as VXR. My VXR hits 68 mph the FX did 63mph.
the sled is long which makes storing it a little tight
Have to get out of driver seat to access items in the front since hatch is FAR away

I was going to buy a new GP1800R but when i was quoted $18200 without trailer i just walked out. Glad I did, if i was going to buy a supercharged unit I would go with the FX SVHO. I had a 2014 FZR for a couple months but heard of the timing chain failures and sold. Just not interested in a problem or needing a dealer favor from Yamaha. My buddy has a seadoo RXT 300 supercharged. I LOVE HIS FRONT HATCH, it opens from driver seat with exceptional access. His is fast as Yamaha supercharged but I just don't feel planted on it. Going around a turn I feel as if I am flying off at speeds equal to my VXR.

All in all if looking for a used sled try to get one with the RIDE. In my opinion its much safer and easier for a novice rider. I can easily modulate my VXR manually but my 14 year old would struggle. With Ride it just so easy!!! When looking take a flashlight so you are focused on what you are inspecting. Any structural damage walk away or deduct $1800. Blisters deduct $800-1000, scratched keel deduct $600. Rub rail marks deduct $500. That is what places charge to repair if the previous owner thought the waverunner was dune buggy, no worries just take off price. On the flip side if the ski is older than 5 years old then the aforementioned deductions should be split in half, but less than 5 years old, no excuse.