So...I've wasted a ton of time on these skis repairing them. They sat for several years...I sunk a lot of money into them and so on.

1 ski ran like crap from the get-go...the compression is meh and so on.
1 ski ran like new from the get-go...then all of a sudden didn't. I think its an electrical issue with a corroded line or something.

-had injectors cleaned/tested on all of them
-have nemo tb's on both skis..been told to check out the stepping motors...not sure how to test them for proper operation. I have the new Yamaha YDS software and adapters to work direct via USB...never able to install the software on laptop/drivers. Was towards the end of the summer and I pretty much said oh well.

Both skis are Lowell ported/polished machines. One is a 1390...actually now that I think of it I believe their specs are both in my signature.

What does everyone recommend for piston rings (brand) for a standard yamaha cylinder and the same concept, but for the groupk 1390 kit. I thought changing those, pins, bearings and seals would be a good thing if I tear the motors apart again this season.

The head gasket on one of the skis (using the stock, milled head) leaks water like theres no tomorrow...upon inspection (it was a brand new head gasket) seemed to barely cover the water inlets on the jugs...and I mean barely on both machines. 1 of them happened to leak.

Debating on sending out jugs to be bored/honed and re-nikasil'd...maybe I just make another 1390.

I'd say the budget in total as my time is free would be about 5k to get both skis back up to speed, pun intended.

Whats everyone suggest I do besides douse in gasoline and light a match.

I bought a brand new boat thats coming in April...yes I've joined the darkside but I'm just kinda getting bored with and tired of the extreme, relentless maintenance requirements of older modified skis. But rather than have them rot...the hulls are great...the motors seemingly are great. Would be nice to have going for a quick adrenaline rush.

That's my novel anyways. Hope to hear from you all!