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    Hole in resonator 2008 RXTX

    I recently ran my 2008 RXTX 255 in shallow water and it over heated and almost sank. I removed the seat noticed smoke coming from the engine bay that smelt like burning plastic. I noticed a hole melted through the exhaust resonator. I also noticed the EGTS was popped out of the muffler. Any other plastic parts in the exhaust I should check? It still starts and idles but then I notice the burnt plastic smell after about 10 sec of idling. Any other areas I need to check? Thanks for the help?

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    Pull the pump and clean the strainer. Probably plugged solid

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    The stock plastic exhaust components are an issue and prone to leaking. This is why I'm a huge advocate of going with a rear exhaust. It eliminates this issue, plus it sounds and looks great. This is the exhaust you'd need for your ski

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    Thanks for the advice! I’ll look into a straight pipe. Since the straight pipe is metal; in the event the same circumstance happened, where would all the pressure go? I’d assume a hose or clamp would bust?

    are y’all aware of any plastic exhaust parts that are on the left side of the motor? When I started the ski on the trailer I noticed smoke coming from that area that smelt like plastic.

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