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    RXT motor stuttering and destroying resonance box with missfires

    Hello everybody,

    I am currently very frustrated with my old RXT 2009 and need help please
    It started with the fact that the second cylinder was not working properly.
    The engine stuttered and smoked and smells like gasoline. And destroyed my resonance box after with a big boom.
    No error in the BUDS
    Compression ok
    Injectors seem to be working (activated manually with BUDS)
    Ignition spark OK (activated manually with BUDS)
    3 new spark plugs and also 3 new ignition coils installed.

    Still the same problem, engine stutters and does not run properly
    Motor removed, shaft bearings, valves and chain checked.
    Still the same problem. This time, the misfire destroyed the resonance box instantly. (boooom)

    anyone had the same problem or some helpful idea?
    thank you!


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    broken arrow ok
    Might try the map will do weird stuff if they get water in them or if they go bad...

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