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    blue loctite or not?

    I replaced my steering cable and its so much easier with the ride plate off. My question is should I use blue loctite on the bolts that secure the ride plate to the hull? I have in the past had the nutserts in the hull spin when the loctite wouldnt break loose. I was wondering what some of you have done. Sometimes even the blue loctite is tough to break loose, and I dont want to spin a nutsert loose in the hull.

    I plan to reseal the ride plate to the hull with ultra grey silicone. It seems to hold better than anything else.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Blue is indeed more forgiving than Red, as many do use it there. The trick with blue, is that you need to over-heat the bolts to get it to let-go, and that's risky. Some get on the bolt too-soon (heat hasn't yet walked up into the thread portion and they snap the bolt. Sometimes too much heat can cause the insert to let-go.

    If you wanted to stay official OEM (as per service manual) you would use LT 572 "White". Although the white can be just as a pain, aka some level of heat being needed as well.

    Don't listen to me but I have copper anti-seize on mine - yet I'm always checking my bolts regularly too.

    Whatever you apply, keep it thin, because if you trap too much ahead of the bolt threads, you'll risk hydraulically popping the insert caps!

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    I have worked on boats for a long time that are in and around saltwater and unless the bolt/nut is big and I have full access to the front and back of same I DO NOT use any locktite, especially on hull fittings. Matter of fact I use anti-seize on most of them including my ride plate bolts.. This is worked well for me for a long time however as with anything you do what you feel is best and what events lead you to your decision.

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