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    Model and HP

    I just purchased a 2003 GTX 4 tec. and a 2006 GTX 4 Tec. I am new to 4 tec ownership and I am trying to determine the horse power and model of each unit. I am going to send the superchargers out for rebuild and I need to specify the engine HP. Both ski engines run and the 06 supposedly had the supercharger rebuilt previously currently 200hrs. The 03 has 145hrs. with no supercharger rebuild. I did the finger spin test on both superchargers and couldn't turn them. If you guys have any suggestions or advice I am all ears.

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    The 2003 should be a 185 HP. The 2006 could be either as they made a 215 HP and a 185 HP version of the GTX that year. Count the teeth on the gear, if its a 17 tooth, then its a 185 HP. if its a 16 tooth, its a 215 HP.
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