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    Quote Originally Posted by R S View Post
    You must be a very good friend. Most people are not going to lend a 2021 GP1800R SVHO out to anyone.

    Honestly, the idea is very kind... but I would not do that. I am not lending mine to anyone ever.
    To be honest I would be lending out the 1200 STX-R most of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsxr1300 View Post
    3-5 foot swells is normal up here in the ocean.
    You have me at a disadvantage because I'm not familiar with the ocean in the NE. However, I wouldn't let ocean riding stop me from buying a GP. When i was in the market for a new one I looked at both, and almost bought a 2020 FX until they showed the 2021 GP and I couldn't not buy it. The looks is what first drew me to it and then I saw the features they added that none of the other ski's had. Haven't regretted it one bit.

    I'm sure it will trickle down to the other models next year or the year after, but for now only the GP had them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tman701 View Post
    While the FX has a longer hull better suited to ocean riding, I don't agree that the GP is for lakes and ponds. I ride mine in both and have no issues whatsoever. Do the race bred features stand out in calmer waters? of course the do, but that doesn't mean you cant ride in the ocean.

    The 2021 GP1800R already has a better ride plate and intake grate than the orginal 2017 GP1800. And better internal weight distribution.

    That said, reports are quite good for the Riva Gen 2 intake grate, with even better grip on the water. On smooth and rough conditions, it seems.

    The longer-than-stock Worx ride plate combined with Jim's cut (I think Dean has a similar cut available) helps my 2017 stay hooked up and have less bounce in rough water.

    I also added the extended trim arm to provide more trim nozle down angle, which helps in rough water by keeping the bow pressed into the waves at speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsxr1300 View Post
    3-5 foot swells is normal up here in the ocean.
    gsxr1300, I say this with no disrespect, but I don't want anybody to think it's always rough and poor riding conditions all the time, as I think I can say with absolute confidence being a commercial fisherman in New England for the past 38 years that while 3-5 foot swells may be more common from late October until the temps moderate in early May, but i certainly wouldn't classify it as "normal" in the warmer months when a Waverunner would be in use. Undoubtedly you will have your prevailing South Westerly breezy, choppy days at times throughout the summer time, but you have your bays and inlets to utilize in those situations. And yes i have fished for many seasons in the Buzzards Bay and Block island Sound area. There are plenty of glassy calm days all through the warmer months even in block island sound and numerous lakes to trailer to just to the north up I-93. That said, obviously everybody regardless of location should stay informed with forecasts and know what to expect while being on open bodies of water, it being the ocean or a large lake. Storms come up quickly especially in the heat of the summer months. I think more importantly it is necessary to purchase the Craft that will suit your own personal needs best. If you are a speed junky and want a rocket to fly around on get the GP SVHO, if you are more the cruiser type consider the big FX HO or maybe a happy medium in the FX SVHO. Try to consider what you will think of your purchase a year down the road. Hopefully it doesn't involve you taking a bath while trading it in for a different model! As far as ocean riding goes, don't fear the ocean, be prepared for it and pick your days to ride worry free.

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    We have such a short riding season, I ride every weekend, I'm not picking my days. My fiends have gp's and kawasaki 160s and they ride with me but are beat up after a day of riding they say my FX handles it so much better.

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    Any idea how my current Kawasaki STX-R 1200 would be in comparison to both the FX and GP?

    I am probably better off testing my STX-R in the ocean to see how it performs. Then try to find someone who would be willing to meet up for a day of riding and let me try out there ski. I don't really know anyone that owns a ski though.

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    your welcome to come ride with me anytime. I'm not supercharged tho.

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    Maybe I will hit you up this summer. Thanks!

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