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    Key programming near NJ tri-state area?

    Checking to see if anyone is available to reprogram keys these days without having to trailer my Seadoos to the dealer? I have a 2000 GTX carbaurated, 2001 LRV carbaurated, and a 2001 GTX RFI that all need keys now. They all got lost in my move. I need 3 new keys. Thanks in advance.

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    with three skis needing keys you certainly want to look into buying a candoo pro. The forum shop sells it. $400 and supports four individual skis with the home unit

    using this product ( requires PC laptop with usb and win 7 min) you can program as many keys for your skis as you want, and as a bonus, you can set your skis up so they all use the same key, which is really handy

    if you rolled into my shop, or if I came out to your slip you'd be looking at a minimum of $250 + $45 per key blank. I offer key alike service to folks with two or more skis simply as a value add ( Its over 100 miles from the nearest seadoo dealer), and to add insult to injury, they no longer program keys for two strokes, I get tons of refers during the season from the states two dealers)

    in your case, a candoo is a great investment as it can also help you diagnose issues on your RFI, which is impossible for somebody without this sort of tool

    as it turns out, if a buddy needs a key, you can use your last ski license for it and ask him to pony up $100 for the HIN license he uses ( you get 4 with the home unit) Net cost to you to get you skis keyed is then under $150 each

    At one time I offered mail order service for this, but the costs of UPS and Insurance got so high that its more cost effective to do it yourself with that many skis. Some of my customers don't have trailers, their skis have been at their lake house for years and they sold the trailers off.

    Trust me, this is solid advice

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    Awesome. Thanks for the reply. Let me give it some thought.

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