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    1998 Yamaha XL760 hanging idle issues

    98 Yamaha Waverunner XL760 has brand new motor, new rebuilt carbs, 38psi popoff, stock needle settings, no leaks from the motor side or carb gaskets, used all mikuni parts for the carbs. Takes a bit to start when cold. Idles at 3k on the stand same as the other xl760 I have. Blip the throttle and it wants to die. You have to open the throttle slowly. Sometimes the idle hangs up at 6k and i pull the choke and it goes back down to 3k. Running 50:1 premix. Idle either hangs at 6k or very slowly goes back down to 3k. The other waverunner we have, you can blip the throttle and it goes right back down to idle. Runs perfect. This other one though has some gremlins to finish getting out before the season starts. Any ideas?

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    If it still runs fast after you push the throttle lever closed with your fingers then you have an air leak somewhere.

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