Okay so I've kind of lost right now, I've had some cascading issues with my engine and now its not starting. A little background, engine was rebuilt and only been tested a few times which it ran just fine.

This is a 2010 Seadoo RXT 215

Now for the cascading issue:
  1. Took ski out for a test but it wouldn't turn over. (assumed battery was dead)
  2. Charged battery but still no crank, solid thud.
  3. Issue turned out to be a stuck fuel injector which was filling #2 cylinder with gas causing too much pressure to turn engine over
  4. Vacuumed out gas out of cylinders and replaced all 3 fuel injector, engine turns over but no crank
  5. When re-installing new spark plugs I noticed one of my spark plug holes is stripped and plug wont screw in (too loose) (getting Time-Sert to repair)
My theories:
  • No compression on stripped cylinder
  • Gas in oil causing overfill (not sure if this can cause a no crank issue)
I'm thinking its probably the stripped spark plug hole but not sure. Anyone have any ideas?