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    Is this yamaha any good?

    Hi, I am about to buy stand up jetski. Superjet.
    Is the one added in pictures any good, engine wise? It's year 2000, asking price is 2500eur(3000usd).
    Just worried that it's not really clean. But as I understand it has D pipe, intake, ride plate, sponsons and some other mods.
    No expert in stand ups as I have been riding large ones for 10 years.
    Not that in EU the prices are really different than in usa.

    Would really appreciate your opinion.
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    Well, its again, not a stock ski and its been modified quite a bit.
    Aftermarket head too, a compression check is in order.
    Is the hull and drive system water tight? I see they added a bildge pump, never needed one is 20 years of standup riding. Kawi 650 SX and 800SXR
    Wiring has been hacked up quite a bit
    Chokes gone? Does it have a primer and does it work?
    Hatch seal is shot, can you get a replacement?
    Is the steering a pole in good shape? No cracks or broken mounts?

    Its important that a standup must start instantly when warmed up and in the water. A hard to start standup in water over your head is not a good thing.

    Unless they can show you it working, in the water and such, I would avoid it. It looks like its has a hard life.

    I know your looking for your first standup, but have you actually ridden one? I suggest you try one before you spend your money so you know what to expect.

    Good luck

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    Yea, it does look quite beaten up and would need some work done before riding.(I do like fixing and restoring stuff).
    But that was my first impression also that they have not really taken care of it. Or maybe they got it already modified and dont know how to work on it.
    I will look for other ones for now.

    I have ridden stand up, its quite fun, now just looking to get my own.

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    It needs new weather striping, spark plug wires. Also what splishsplash said. I would get him to come down by pointing out what this forum has said so you can put some money into it.

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