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    Rounded Crankcase recessed bolt

    One of the eight crankcase bolts is rounded. I read previous threads where drilling the bolt out was the only method. I presume the initial engine builder put too much Loctite on this bolt. All other bolts removed fine, this one rounded.

    From the rear of the engine it is the second recessed bolt inside the crankcase on the right side.

    My question is, would using a torch to heat up this bolt that is recessed in the crankcase possibly damage any components of the crankcase?

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    lets see a pic of the bolt.

    typically I'd use a welder to tack something onto the bolt. The heat of that will typically melt the loctite

    "sometimes" a slightly smaller 12 point socket can be tapped onto the bolt and can ease it out.

    there's plenty of technique on getting out bad bolts, recessed ones are just worth lots more money

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    Put down the drill and do the welder method as stated. I think I might have a post here somewhere where I show pics of a broken, seized fastener showing the welding method.
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