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    highly modded gp1800 impeller suggestion

    I need to get myself a spare impeller that I can either experiment with and or just simply have a spare for the sake of having said spare.

    Ski has everything modded/upgraded with the exception of adding turbos.

    I believe I got a concord impeller when I bought the S2+ kit from the hulk.

    this year I added the following:

    -21psi wheel
    -riva intercooler (fizzle one will be for sale has about 4 hours of use on it)
    -carillo pistons
    -carillo connecting rods
    -darton sleeves
    -o2 kit with adjustable atf ratio via adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    -larger injectors
    -stainless intake riva
    -updated flash by Dean
    -upgraded fuel pump

    It had previously

    -riva valve retainers
    -fizzle intercooler
    -upgraded supercharger shaft
    -free flow
    -riva waterbox
    -concord impeller I believe
    -flash by Dean

    (Basically a stage 2)

    Now what I want to do is not turn the ski into a straight line nightmare that I am afraid of hitting the throttle with...maybe a you probably need to get shoulder surgery after 1 ride type of ski.

    Is there anything I should aim for as far as pitch and so on? I'm going to send out to impros or order directly...I also have to send an impeller that my idiot drunk cousin destroyed on me to have them re-do for my gp1300r skis (luckily I kept spares)

    What do you all suggest? I believe its in the upper 400+ hp range based on what Jim mentioned. I'm probably wrong...doesnt matter. Doesn't need to be an e-peen contest...point is I was revving out with a stock impeller and I'm hoping to keep rpms a bit lower instead of just capping the rev limiter.
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    With a build that powerful I would use the Solas 12/18 dual impeller. We are talking NIGHT AN DAY difference in acceleration compared to a single impeller. That impeller with those mods will literally rip your arms out of their sockets... lol

    Solas Dual Impellers For SVHO

    SOLAS Impellers have a wide range of designs that can increase the low-end thrust and top-end speed of your personal watercraft – getting more power to your jet pump. SOLAS Impellers are constructed of high-strength, stainless steel, and feature a polished hub and exclusive hub-end water seal for ...

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    The 12/18 Twin is a very good Prop!

    I fitted a 12/18 twin and Gen2 intake on my 21 Stock boat and its the first time I have got the leap out of the gate against the RXP.
    It felt more linear than a 13/18 single prop it was down maybe 2-3km/h on top speed, a trade off im happy to give for the punch you get off the the line.

    This is a rip your arms off set-up not a look at my GPS readings set-up.

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    SO if a 12/18 dual is the big power dual set up for drag racing/ hole shot

    whats the big power single? I see a lot of 13/20 but I am running a 13/20 now (tweeked by dean a little), with stock wheel so not sure what to expect with bigger power like his set up or a turbo.

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    I run a 12/20 twin on my Turbo GP and a 12/18 twin on my stock wheel 8800 tune GP.

    These Props help reduce Cavitation and give you the punch off the line, you do loose top end.. but not enough to worry me as you reach top speed much quicker!

    IF you just want to cruise flat water on ski that doesn't handle very well as you just want to take pictures of your top speed than a single prop is probably better suited.

    I honestly dont get why people just care about top speed, you get so much more of rush doing sharp turns on ski that handles like its on tracks compared to ski that is only good to go in strait line.

    But I guess you cant take photos of how good a ski feels and handles...

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    Interesting on the 12/20 on a trubo set up, what kind of boost are you running? and speeds are you seeing with that prop?

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    sounds like im going to need to go twin prop on my bothers me that the rxpx can leave without cavitation and gp cant...need to make sure my buddies 20 rxpx isnt ahead of me at all

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    I turned the boost up to 21psi on the turbo with a rough tune and it done about 135km/h, Pulling 1G in strait line acceleration with very minimal cavitation.
    Turns on rails, Very fun to ride!

    I did a race on the weekend on the 21 GP with the riva intake Gen2, Worx ride plate, Worx 8800 tune( no retainers so only pitched the prop to 8600) and 12/18 twin fitted.
    The 21 GP jumps the RXP and then pulls away from them. My lack of race fitness let me down in the end but the ski works amazing!
    I rode a 19/20 rxp after the race and wow they feel horrible compared to a set up 21GP.

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    [QUOTE = Luke1.8; 3113259] Subí el impulso a 21 psi en el turbo con una melodía aproximada y lo hizo a unos 135 km / h, tirando 1G en aceleración en línea recta con muy mínima cavitación.
    Se enciende sobre rieles, ¡muy divertido de conducir!

    Hice una carrera el fin de semana en el GP 21 con la entrada riva Gen2, placa de conducción Worx, ajuste Worx 8800 (sin retenedores, por lo que solo lancé la hélice a 8600) y 12/18 twin equipado.
    El GP 21 salta el RXP y luego se aleja de ellos. Mi falta de aptitud para la carrera me decepcionó al final, ¡pero el esquí funciona increíble!
    Monté un rxp 19/20 después de la carrera y se sienten horribles en comparación con un 21GP configurado. [/ QUO

    So do you recommend this propeller type prior to 13/18 for an svho fx? 2014 with stage 2

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    I would not....

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